Have you always dreamed of painting a beautiful seascape? Or a gorgeous landscape?

Here’s your chance. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint gorgeous seascapes and landscapes, but weren’t sure how to do it, we have the right courses for you.

Are you unsure how to start?

Take just one lesson to learn how to paint with oil or take all of the painting courses and learn to paint with both oils and watercolors. Our painting lessons have already been proven to work around the world.

Learn to paint seascapes and landscapes with a master artist

Renowned artist E. John Robinson will show you how as he has countless others who have become successful artists thanks to his exceptional teaching method. E. John Robinson wasn’t just renowned for his oil and watercolor paintings; he was peerless also for his easy-to-follow painting lessons.

Professional review

View artist Jason Morgan's review of E. John Robinson's painting the sea in oils lessons.



You CAN do it!

If you thought it was impossible to learn to paint oil and watercolor seascapes because the ocean keeps moving, you’ll be delighted to discover the gentle, guiding approach of E. John Robinson. Through his art lessons on DVD and books on CD, he makes it easy for you to learn the techniques for painting the sea in all its moods—from gentle and inviting to stormy and seething—as well as landscapes of all kinds.

Take the challenge and become an artist today… now!