Seascapes in Watercolor 1 and 2 (DVD Set)

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Learn how to paint seascapes in watercolor with E. John Robinson's two-disc DVD set. In full color, this DVD set is intended for both absolute beginners and advanced painters.

Disc 1, "Seascapes in Watercolor," is 65 minutes in length and includes an introduction and detailed instruction. This DVD introduces you to the techniques and tools needed to paint any watercolor seascape with ease. It also provides detailed instructions on the anatomy of waves and portraying the emotion in all of its many moods.

Disc 2, "Seascapes in Watercolor," is 51 minutes in length and includes more techniques and a full demonstration. Follow a full step-by-step demonstration and learn various techniques for capturing the roaring surf including methods of realistically depicting water, foam, and spray.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Master artist and teacher E. John Robinson's passion for painting and more than 40 years of experience are obvious in his lessons. Many of his paintings, books, and how-to tips have been featured in top art magazines. E. John's art lessons are extremely popular, and both beginning oil painters and more advanced artists have benefitted from his teaching.

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