DIGITAL BUNDLE: All 5 Original E John Robinson Seascape Painting Videos & FREE ebook "Special Moments" [Download & Streaming]

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Welcome to, the only place where you can find ALL of E John Robinson’s video lessons and books available for purchase.

What Makes E John Different

Many successful artists can teach you what they do to paint. But copying someone else doesn’t make you better. 

E John Robinson was an art teacher for 12 years before ever becoming a professional. This allowed him to fully understand what it takes to learn how to paint.

Over the course of his career, he painted over 4,000 seascapes and his work is featured in museums worldwide as well as 4 “Reader’s Digest” covers.

He never lost his love of teaching, and E John frequently held seminars where he taught his students excellence in painting. 

E John, of course, is not the first professional artist to give lessons. But what makes him different is where artists without a teaching background simply show you what they do, E John teaches you how to do it.

Most painting videos tell you to follow the actions of the artist on screen.

E John’s lessons are different. E John will explain to you in detail how to create your own technique, so you can replicate what you learn for any subject you want to paint.

E John Robinson, master seascape paint instructor

E John Robinson recorded dozens of lessons and wrote several books, all of which are available on this website.

His 5 seascape lessons are listed individually at $29.95 each. But right now, through this Facebook-only offer, you can get all 5 lessons, a $150 value, for just $29.95.

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Click Here to Watch 7 Min. Previews of Each Lesson

Click Here to Purchase This Bundle In DVD

We will also include a digital copy of his 96-page book, “Special Moments”, absolutely free.

In “Special Moments”, E John Robinson recorded his exact thought process behind 31 of his most famous paintings.

With this book, you can further understand the process of a master, and use it to accelerate your painting career.

You will see this book listed on our website for $14.95.

But when you purchase the 5 lesson set before the above timer runs out, you can get “Special Moments” absolutely free.


So you will get:

Five Full-Length Lessons in this Digital Download package

Beach Reflections (54.5 mins)

  • Reflections
  • Sand
  • Color
  • Value Composition

Morning Breakers (59 mins)

  • Clear Foreground
  • Centers of Interest 
  • Atmosphere
  • Early Sunlight

The Big Wave (59 mins)

  • Anatomy of Waves
  • Foam Patterns
  • Translucent Waves
  • Color Mixing

Twilight Mist (54.5 mins)

  • Atmosphere
  • Mist
  • Path of Sunlight

Storm Surf (55 mins)

  • Anatomy of Rocks
  • Wave Phase
  • Contrasting Weather

eBook "Special Moments"