Monthly Membership to Ocean Vistas plus FREE DOWNLOAD, "Surf Watching for Seascape Painting"

Monthly Membership to Ocean Vistas plus FREE DOWNLOAD, "Surf Watching for Seascape Painting"

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Study the surf and how ocean waves form with E. John Robinson's "Surf Watching - Study of Ocean Waves" (digital version). In full color and 45 minutes in length, it's intended for both absolute beginners and advanced painters in all mediums.

Escape to Seascapes!

Stand on the shore with E. John as he explains how ocean waves are formed. Using slow motion and stop-action video, observe while E. John describes in detail how foaming waves break and spill upon the shore and rocks.

Then, use E John's ocean studying techniques to analyze, break down and recreate any of the seascape components you find from the scenes in Ocean Vista's massive array of videos.

E John's 5 Part Lesson Plan Covers All Aspects of Ocean Analysis

An essential study for all seascape artists whether you live by the sea or inland, this lesson includes:

  • Part 1: Basic waves
  • Part 2: Foam and foam patterns
  • Part 3: Rocks and water spills
  • Part 4: Beaches, headlands, and driftwood
  • Part 5: Sky and clouds

New Partnership with Ocean Vistas!

So it turns out cofounder of Ocean Vistas, Matthew Davis, is a huge E. John fan! He kindly reached out to us, told us about their project, and asked to license E. John's one-of-a-kind ocean study film titled "Surf Watching for Seascape Painting".

We said, "It would be an honor!"

As a "Thank You", Ocean Vistas is extending this special invite to E John customers, only for a limited time. You get Surf Watching, as well as a special discount rate for the Ocean Vista's membership.


Pay just $14.95 $9.95 per month!

Plus you get Surf Watching included, absolutely FREE!

And after the first month, if you decide Ocean Vistas app isn't your thing, you can go ahead and cancel and will receive no additional charges.

So that's 30 days of Ocean Vistas, PLUS A FREE COPY of Surf Watching on DVD or Digital Download!

If you choose to not cancel, your subscription will renew at the discounted rate of $9.95 per month.